Abulhay Sayed  

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 Position:  Managing partner

 Born:  Damascus, Syria, July 1969; admitted, 1993, re-inscribed 2003, Damascus, Syria.

 Education: Damascus University (Bachelor's Degree in Law); Harvard Law School (LL.M.); The Graduate Institute of International Studies, Geneva University (DES, Ph.D). Author: Corruption in International Trade and Commercial Arbitration (The Hague, London, Boston: Kluwer Law International, 2004), 483 pages; Quand le droit est face à son néant, le droit à l'épreuve de l'emploi de l'arme nuclaire, (Bruxelles: Bruylant, 1998), 204 pages ; Evidence in International Commercial Arbitration, (Damascus : Damascus Bar, 2006), 175 pages.

 Lecturer: Damascus Faculty of Law.

 Courses taught: International Commercial Arbitration, Public Administration.

 Languages: Arabic, French and English.

 Practice Areas: Trademarks, Public Procurement; International Licensing; Banking, International Commercial Arbitration; Agencies and Distributorships, Construction Law.

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